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Dear Guest,

My name is Sándor Kenyeres, and I am the visionary and creator of Antara Palace. Before you immerse yourself in the discovery of one of Cyprus's most iconic luxury private villas, allow me to share some personal thoughts to bring you closer to the ideology represented by Antara Palace.

The Brief history of Antara Palace

Throughout my life, I have been guided by signs and spiritual forces. I have channeled these energies towards creation. I could say that in a way, the sacred creative force along with my strong attraction to ancient history brought Antara Palace to life in 2013.

My deep fascination with the Mediterranean world began in 2005 during a marvelous vacation on the island of Crete. At the end of this life-changing journey, our gracious host surprised me with a precious gift—an original gold coin dating back to 342 BC, bearing the portrait of Alexander the Great. This moment became a powerful symbol, igniting my desire to pay homage to the golden age of Hellenism.

In the spring of 2009, I decided to heed the heavenly sign and materialize my vision on the island of Cyprus. The hand of fate and spiritual forces worked tirelessly during the selection process, as it turned out that the chosen location had historical significance. The region of Paphos was once the capital of Alexander the Great's empire, and the property was situated along an ancient military road built by the great conqueror. Moreover, it housed three significant copper mines.

During the design of the Palace I aimed for an authentic representation of the Hellenistic period,  paying meticulous attention to details. A tribute to the Hellenistic era is represented by 23 sculptures on the resorts. Among these, the most prominent is the welcoming statue of Nike, the goddess of victory and warfare greeting the guests at the entrance. Other personal favorites include the "walking" caryatids from the Acropolis and a collection of sculptures representing female ideals of the past 4000 years.

Yet, I did not neglect the essence of classical luxury and antiquity. The interior spaces are adorned with 22-carat gold, complemented by silk, plush, and velvet fabrics. Hand-painted frescoes and mosaic artworks on the walls depict significant scenes from ancient Greek aristocracy.

With Antara Palace my goal is to convey the enjoyment of life and the spirituality that has inspired me throughout the villa's creation and my entire life. Enjoy this architectural masterpiece, which is truly unparalleled on the island of Cyprus and within the Mediterranean world. I wish you a delightful and rejuvenating stay!

Warm regards,
Sándor Kenyeres

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