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Cypriot Opulence

The palace interiors are  22 karat gold encrusted, tastefully complemented with silk and plush velvet fabrics. And throughout, the palace’s sweeping walls are adorned with lovingly crafted, hand-painted and mosaic works of art depicting  scenes of ancient Greek aristocracy, creating an ambiance of timeless elegance.

Cypriot Hospitality

A permanent detail of spa therapists, chefs, butlers, and housekeeping staff are on call to assist to your every need.  


From your airport limousine pickup and welcome drinks in the Grand Hall to exquisite meals cooked to perfection and served in the Palace Restaurant, we are here to make your holiday both special and exclusive.

Our concierge will liaise with you to establish your preferred staff and food & beverage requirements prior to your stay.  

A Place for the Whole Family

A true outdoor masterpiece awaits you and your family in the form of the Royal Gardens, the Royal Majlis and the Garden Infinity Pool, all with spectacular views overlooking Private Beach and stunning Mediterranean sea.

Venture indoors for a family movie in the 12-seat state-of-the-art Private Cinema. And don’t forget to let your buttler know which drinks, snacks, bites, and treats you wish our chef to prepare for you.


The Royal Palace Penthouse - a private floor

The true heart of the palace, relax in the splendour and privacy of the Royal Palace Penthouse, knowing your children’s every needs are being tended to safely, downstairs.

Royal Penthouse Spa & Wellness Centre

Setting Antara Palace Cyprus apart is the fully staffed Spa & Wellness Centre adjacent to The Royal  Palace Penthouse . Massages, treatments, saunas, large indoor swimming pool with hot & cold plunge pools and jacuzzi, as well as a gym, personal trainer and yoga instructor offer total seclusion and emersion.


Our concierge can assist you in selecting the level of staffing that suits you best.

  Garden Floor Presidential Suites

Accessible via the ground floor private entrance with dedicated reception desk, or descending via lift from the Royal Penthouse, each lavishly decorated spacious suite comes with floor to ceiling windows and doors opening to a private terrace.


Ideal for Children and nannies or family friends, the suites come with a choice of Regal Red or Golden Greek upholstery.

Kids Palace - adjacent play room

Parents have the Penthouse, but children of all ages have the Kids Palace. Stocked to the brim with toys, board games, PS5, kids TV and more, all in a safe and controlled environment.


Our concierge can arrange additional babysitters if required.


Freestanding Executive Studios for Entourage and Support Staff

Situated within the Palace grounds, easily accessible on foot, the Executive Studios’ contemporary design come with wall to ceiling built in wardrobes, kitchen unit and great views over the gardens and Mediterranean sea. 



Private Office

We hope you won’t need it, but we are aware that many of our guest stay for longer periods of time, and duty calls from time to time. With this in mind Antara Palace Cyprus has a dedicated Private Office for all your business needs. When the work day is over, simply close the door behind you and resume your holiday, keeping your business and leisure time fully separate. 

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